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What is new in air guns?  Check out this baby!


NEW Crosman® Night Stalker .177 cal. Pellet Rifle for next-level semiauto cool!

Yes, you can believe your eyes and ears... this tactical-performance looker is actually a Pellet Rifle! It's just styled like something way more... and delivers way more! Here's what'll trip your trigger:

Fires up to 600 F.P.S. with realistic semiautomatic blowback action "Professional" ergonomic styling, and lighter trigger pull for more assured accuracy

Includes one 3.1-oz. (88g) CO2 cartridge, yielding up to 350 shots Comes with four 12-rd. rotary clips for rapid fire action

Barrel length is 16 3/4", 30 1/2"l. overall Sight adjustable for windage / elevation

Weighs 3 lbs., 5 ozs.

There's also a Deluxe model, already outfitted with hot tactical-style accessories (see details below). Choose yours and order ONLINE today for major league plinking excitement!  Starting at only $99.99, get yours today!

Click on the photo of this cool air gun to get yours today!