Air gun links page.
 Air Gun Maintenance and History

Vintage Air Guns Photo Gallery

 Rebuilding the B-4-2

B-4-2 tool

Review: Night Stalker CO2

 Disassembling the B-21

What's New in Air Guns




B-42 Review

Pellet Testing

Super Max 1000 Review

Rebuilding a Spring Piston Air Gun

Favorite Links Page

Modern Air Guns Photo Gallery


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Favorite Air Gun Sites
Eddie's new and improved Air Gun Site, with the famous Here is my new improve air gun site, with music, animations, more info and the famous "Eddie's Restoring Process", for restoring air gun power in spring piston air guns.
Eddie's Air Gun Forum Here is a air gun forum where you can share your air gun hobby, you may ask questions about air guns, exchange ideas, ask for advice, air gun hunting, talk about air gun repair, air gun hotrodding, modified air guns, post air gun photos and anything air gun related. Have loads of fun talking about your air gun hobby.
Air Rifle Links and Demos Handy fantastic demos on information about scopes, testing air gun speeds and other air gun stuff, plus good links.
Shanghai Air Gun Factory Ever wonder about all those advertised speeds (fps) given to Chinese air guns? Go to the Factory's site and find out the real speeds (fps) of their air guns.
Air Guns Today Here is a U.K. site that always has interesting info, reviews and good links.
Paintball and Soft Air Guns.  For Paintball and Soft Air Guns try here.  They also have a good introduction page about these hobbies.  GREAT FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. 
Discount name brand air guns and outdoor supplies. Discount name brand air guns and other air gun, paintball supplies.  Get your powerful name brand air gun at a discount price today!

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