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What a power house, what a beauty!!!
After a few days testing the Super Max 1000/B-21 I was amazed at the power this rifle has, it is one hell of a air gun. It comes with a beautiful smooth Monte Carlos stock made of beautiful hard wood, 2 safetys, the sights are great and interchangeable, the pull on the trigger is smooth and adjustable. It is a side cocker piston spring air gun and the side lever has a extension for easier cocking.

It is a big, heavy air gun and only a strong adult can handle this baby. The caliber I used was the .177, I did some testing with this baby and she passed all the tests with flying colors.

Distance shots were great, true on course even at 50 yards. I put a few drops of Slick 50 in the piston chamber and when I shot the rifle, it passed the barrier of sound (1,080 fps.) for about 3 shots, making a crack sound much like that of a .22 rimfire rifle, before going back to normal, it is normally a very quiet shooting rifle, surpisely quiet for such a big powerful rifle. I then did the hard tin cracker can test, at 60 feet and the pellets went right through both sides with ease. After seeing what the Super Max 1000 did to the hard tin cracker can, I then decided to try another test I shot at a 3/4 inch thick Ceder plywood panel at 10 feet and the pellet went right through it and even took out a piece of cement off the block of cement behind it, this baby shot a .177 Crosman pointed pellet right through a 3/4 inch thick panel of plywood, now that's power, SUPER POWER.

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