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Testing the new semi auto Crosman Night Stalker.

This baby came with four 12 shot rotary clips and one 3.1 oz CO2 cartridge, a 177 cal. CO2 air gun.  A really cool looking air gun, with a tactical Military style .

When I first handled this cool looking CO2 air gun, I was impressed by it's light weight and its ergonomic styling, it has a very comfortable grip.   It can be shot as a rifle and due to it's light weight, can even be shot like a pistol.  Once loaded with it's 12 shot clip, I pulled off a round, I really liked the light trigger pull it has, its light trigger pull gave me better accuracy.  Actually the accuracy on this air gun was great.  The blow back action made me feel like I was really shooting a real semi auto fire arm, very impressive.

Then I really started having some fun, doing some fast semi auto shooting.  I shot off 12 rounds in 5 seconds, now that is some fun shooting my friend.

This model comes with 3.1 oz CO2 cartridge that gives 350 shots, you can be out in the field all day long with this baby and not worry about running out of CO2.  Plus it comes with four, 12 shot fast loading rotary clips, for lots of fast fun shooting. 

This cool tactical looking air gun only wieghs 3 lbs/5 oz., you can carry it all day in the field with out tiring out your arms.

Sights come with adjustable windage and elevation.

There is also a Deluxe Model, that comes outfitted with hot tactical style accessories.

This fast shooting cool looking air gun shoots .177 cal. pellet at 600 fps, good enough for small game hunting (rabbits/birds) and lots of fun plinking.

I really recommend this model for some real fun shooting.

Click on the photo to get yours today!

The cool tactical "Night Stalker".

Click on the photo to get your Night Stalker today!



Check out the fast loading 12 shot rotary clips it comes with.


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