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B-42, .177 cal. and comes in .22 cal.
Military style air rifle, 850 fps in .177 cal., 15" (12 pitch) rifled solid blued steel barrel, hardwood stock, under barrel lever cocking, grooved for scope. List price: 89.95...Our super discount price: Less than 60.00 dollars.

Testing the B-42 (Review).
When I first got my B-42, I was impressed by the size of the air gun, it is big and is made of solid milled blued steel, with a hard wood stock. It looked like a Military SK. My first thought was; "How can an air rifle of this quality be so cheap?" For less than 40.00 dollars. The answers came later, they make these B-42 air rifles in China to keep costs down and my company buys them by the shipload to pass on their savings to you as low super discount prices.

I then decided to set the sights on the B-42. I downloaded a shooting target from this site and began shooting.

At first I was skeptical about the sights, because the windage was not in the back sight, it was in the front and I was not used to this. The front sight can be adjusted for both windage and elevation. The front sight has a tight cross bolt with a screw type sight in the middle made of solid milled steel. I used a tapping method, placing a piece of cardboard on top of the bolt, as to not scratch the blueing, and I tapped adjusted the sight to the right to set the sight in, I used the wieght of a small pair of pliers for the tapping. After tapping a few times, the air gun was sighted in.

Once I had the air gun sighted in the fun began, I started shooting at empty beer cans at 50 feet, bearly missing a shot. I then took notice of the rear sight, it has a push button elevation, marked 1, 2, 3, and has half point marks. I then started shooting at empty beer cans at 100 feet and soon found out how easy this push button rear sight came in for distance shooting. Soon I was shooting at 300 foot distances using the advantage of the push button rear sight in the number 3 postion and it was great. With a mere push of a button I could change the range on the sight on this air rifle from 50 to 300 feet and bearly miss. Both front and rear sights are made of solid blued milled steel, not plastic like most air guns.

Other tests.
I invitied my cousin over to do some testing. He brought over with him his new 180.00 dollar Gamo air rifle, 1,000 fps, .177 cal.. We put up some 1/4 inch pieces of plywood to test the power of both guns. Both air guns, passed right through the plywood at 15 feet using Gamo Magnum .177 cal. pellets. We then did some empty beer can shooting. And amazingly my B-42, 850 fps. gave better distance shots than his 1,000 fps Gamo. Why? Because of that push button rear sight for elevation, it gave me an advantage over my cousin in distance shooting. After a while, my cousin was wishing he had bought a B-42, instead of a Gamo and he would have been over a 100 dollars richer.

After thinking over the advantages of this push button elevation rear sights, I realized it would be a good advantage out in the field for hunting small game, it only takes a second to adjust the rear push button sight for distance shots at small game. The B-42 also comes with hinges on the hard wood stock for placing a shoulder sling on the air rifle, so this would be another advantage when being out in field hunting, for carrying it and comes with a milled steel safety.

My conclusions are that the B-42 is the best made air rifle on the market today for small game hunting, it is also good for target shooting. It is also one powerful can opener. And for less than 40.00 dollars, it is a steal, a real bargain. You can't go wrong with this price and the B-42's quality. Go and visit my on-line super discount store and get your B-42 today!

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