Air Gun Maintenance and History.
 Air Gun Maintenance and History

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Summary of the History of Air Guns.
Before the prefection of Gun Powder and firearm catiridges, Air Guns were used for hunting big game. They came in big calibers .30 cal. to .51 cal. and were used to hunt big game Deers and Wild Boars. These Air Rifles were charged using a hand pump, which had to be pumped anywhere from 100 times to 1,000 times to charge a air reservoir (tank) and gave speeds from 650 fps up to 1,000 fps to a high caliber lead balls and bullets.
Air Gun Maintenance.
Unlike gun powder guns, a air gun needs little maintenance. Oiling the spring chamber and the piston is done only once in a while, about every 300 to 1,000 shots with 2 drops of a synthetic oil (high flash cylinder oil) made for lubricating the chamber, how many shots depend on the manufacture's instructions. Most Chinese air gun's piston and chamber should be lubed every 300 shots. Air guns, like Gamo, the manufacture does not recommend the lubing the chamber and doing so might cancel the life time warrenty Gamo air guns have, check with your air gun's manufacture for instructions on lubing the air chamber and piston. Never use regular oil, the friction of the piston creates heat and will diesel the oil, causing problems in spring piston air rifles. You may oil the pivot or hinge points every 300 or 500 shots. Also oil all moving parts of the tigger and the moving parts of the loading chamber.

You should clean the barrel, every 1,000 shots with a light degreaser, to get out the oil mixed with lead dust build up, to insure accuracy, clean and dry, then use a light coat of cylinder oil in the barrel to help prevent rust. Give the outside and inside metal parts a light coating of oil to protect it from rust. You may use a silicone cloth made for that using on guns. NEVER SHOOT a spring piston air gun with out a pellet, this causes damage to the piston and spring. The piston and the spring are not made to take the impact of a empty barrel, the pressure need to expel the pellet, helps to cushion the impact. Never leave a spring piston air gun cocked for long periods of time, this will also damage the spring and make it lose power. You should never repeatly shoot a spring piston air guns rapidly, this will cause the spring piston to over heat, diesel the oil and may burn out the seal.

CO2 air gun maintenance is much like the maintenance of a spring piston air gun. But instead of oiling the spring and piston, you place a 1 drop of cylinder oil on the seal and needle where the powerlet goes. This is done every 500 shots to insure that the seal keeps moist and keeps from drying. This will also help in keeping a tight seal between the seal and the powerlet.

Pump Air Guns, need more or less the same maintenance as the spring piston guns. Oil all pivot or hinge points, every 200 shots. But only oil the pumping piston with 2 drops of cylinder oil every 2000 shots or when you hear the piston squeak, beware oil tends to stop up the pressure chamber on pump air guns.

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The Advantages of the 30. to 51 cal. Air Rifles.
The advantage of a high caliber air rifle over a one shot black powder rifle was that the air rifle could be charged to shoot 7 to 20 times with out reloading using a hand pump. The disadvantage of the one shot black powdered rifles was, it shot one shot at a time and had to be reloaded and also created a lot of smoke and tended to blind the shooter. These high caliber air rifles came in different calibers, such as .30 cal. and up to .51 cal..

There was even a Elite Unit in a Austraian Army that carried .36 cal. and .51 cal. Air Rifles that shot up to 20 rounds with one charge, at speeds up to 1,000 fps. In those days this Elite Unit was, what is known today as a High Tech. Combat Unit, they had rapid fire power, other Units in those days did not have rapid fire power. A Austrian Miltary Air Rifle designed by Grandoni in 1779 shot 20 rounds of .51 cal. bullets at speeds as high as 1,000 fps on one charge.

The most famous .36 cal. Air Gun is the one Lewis and Clark took on their Expedition of 1804-06.

Even in modern times a few high caliber air rifles have shown up. A German company RWS has put out two fine high cal. air rifles, a 9mm 60 grain air gun (900fps) and a .44 cal. (750 fps), both air guns use hand pumps to charge and can use suba tanks to charge their air reservoirs. These RWS models are rather expensive, one of these babies can run you up to 800.00 U.S. dollars with the air pump, this is out of the price range of most buyers. But if you check out my Super Discount store I have a fine air rifle, one cock (spring piston) high power air rifle, the Super Max 1000, that comes in both .22 cal. and .117 cal. and gives speeds of over 1,000 fps in .117 cal. and speeds of over 900 fps in .22 cal. at a super discount price of 139.00, which is a lot more affordable than any RWS model, enter my on-line store to see the details of this Super Discount Super Max 1000.

See the Air Cane below and check out my Vintage Guns Photo Gallery to see some photos of some real old Vintage Air Guns. There you can see some .36 cal. and .44 cal. Vintage Air Guns and compare them to modern day air guns on my Modern Air Guns Photo Gallery, find these galleries in the index to the left.

Paintball and Soft Air Guns.

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Walking Canes with Air power fire power.

In those old days, high class gentlemen used walking canes that had a concealed air gun in the cane. The top part of the cane was the air reservoir (tank) where the gentlemen charge it with the use of a hand pump. The bottom part was the barrel of the gun and had a concealed chamber for loading a .35 cal. bullet. Gentlemen used these air canes for self defense. (See the photo above.) Click on the banner above and enter my on line store to see the discounts I have on sword canes. Look for "Concealed Swords" in the index on the left of the page and click on it.


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