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Here you have a few photos of some really old high cal. vintage air guns.

Ball Reservoir Air Rifle
This is a Ball Reservoir Air Rifle, this one looks like it was made from a .36 cal. Black Powder Rifle. Notice the round ball shaped air reservoir under the barrel.
A Wealthy Man's Boxed Air Gun
This is a Bellows Boxed Air Gun for those who could afford it, only the wealthy had the money to buy this beauty. Notice the size of those 46 cal. or .44 cal. round bullets. This Air Gun had it's air reservoir (air tank) in the butt of the rifle. This model came with two barrels, perhapes a shotgun barrel and a .46 cal. barrel. These type of air rifles are known as Butt Reservoir Air Rifles.
.25 cal. Air Rifles
Here are a few old .25 cal. Air Rifles used for small game. These air rifles are spring piston air guns.
Here is a Giffard 8mm Shot Gun Air Gun.
There were even Air Guns that were Shot Guns, notice the big tank under the barrel, a hand pump was used to charge this one.
Close up off the Giffard Shot Gun.
Here is a close up of the loading chamber of the Giffard 8mm Shot Gun Air Gun.
Early Butt Reservoir Air Rifle
This is a old early Butt Reservoir Rifle, notice the butt of the rifle is round in shape.


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